Change Fish

Had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day about how as you get older (or wiser) your reasons to fish change.
When I first started it was for food, as money was always tight in our family.
Then, as I got better at fishing it was about the amount of fish caught. This was how I showed off my fishing skills, then as I got better and better I started targeting bigger and bigger fish. I guess these stages were about letting people know what an amazing angler I was and that I had something to prove by catching the trophies.
Then as the years go by I started fishing for enjoyment, as I realised its never really been about the fish, it’s about your time with the planet, and fishing is one of the ways I connect with nature. This connection is about being there on the sea, lake, rivers and beaches, and soaking all the sun, air and scenery into your being.
Then I came to the realisation that I never wanted this to end and how incredible it would be to save what we have here and share it with our children and their children.
Maybe the last stage is about fishing for tomorrow, sustainability, conservation with a huge dash of enjoyment and a feed of fresh fish once in a while…


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