Turtle Fever Rarotonga

Turtle Fever.. Years down the track when I’m old and gray I would kick myself if I didn’t say anything about what is happening here in Rarotonga in regards to the turtles and the Ava’avaroa passage. The Ava’avaroa passage is the largest passage through the reef in Rarotonga and is home to an amazing arrayContinue reading “Turtle Fever Rarotonga”

What if “home” was where you are now?

Well its been almost 6 months living in our motor home exploring New Zealand.. and to be honest its been amazing. The most difficult part was making the commitment to do it, as there’s always reasons not to. New Zealand is probably one of the easiest country’s to explore, from the roads to free campingContinue reading “What if “home” was where you are now?”

Maybe we are all Kryptonians..

I know covid is hitting some of us pretty hard, and it’s great seeing what people posts from their happy bucket in happier times, but remember take a moment to welcome spring! Its natures way of celebrating new beginnings, So no matter where you are open a window, or sit outside, get some sunshine, takeContinue reading “Maybe we are all Kryptonians..”

A broken down firefighter, a 5 way heart bypass and a camera..

Unlike most stories that involve a heart attack this one turned out pretty good, and I’m very grateful for that. After almost 10 years ten years as a fire fighter, it was time to do something new, but out of all the things I could have done, open heart surgery wasn’t big on the list.Continue reading “A broken down firefighter, a 5 way heart bypass and a camera..”

Creativity for mental health

Took me an hour to build this bird house, it not perfect and its not the prettiest, but a lucky bird family won’t care about that. This little birdhouse made me smile because I was so focused on it that an hour disappeared in a blink of an eye.I really enjoyed that hour because IContinue reading “Creativity for mental health”