What if “home” was where you are now?

Well its been almost 6 months living in our motor home exploring New Zealand.. and to be honest its been amazing. The most difficult part was making the commitment to do it, as there’s always reasons not to. New Zealand is probably one of the easiest country’s to explore, from the roads to free campingContinue reading “What if “home” was where you are now?”


Not sure if I’m a fisherman with a photography problem, or a photographer with a fishing problem..Taranaki turning on the charm.. actually there’s a story to this one. I hauled the fish up and it was a beauty, I handed my fishing rod to my mate and said ” hold, I’m just going to getContinue reading “Fishtographer”

where does my love for the sea come from…

Some of my earliest memories are gently swaying in a hammock next to the diesel engine on my father’s boat as he chugged out to fish. The continuous rhythm of the engine and the sounds of the water on the hull instantly put me to sleep, (unless it was the diesel fumes or petroleum smells!).Continue reading “where does my love for the sea come from…”