Creativity for mental health

Took me an hour to build this bird house, it not perfect and its not the prettiest, but a lucky bird family won’t care about that.

This little birdhouse made me smile because I was so focused on it that an hour disappeared in a blink of an eye.
I really enjoyed that hour because I wasn’t distracted by anything and I was creating something, something useful, something tangible, that when I look at it will bring me a little joy.
It got me thinking when was the last time you created something?
Something that wasn’t about making money, something that wasn’t about likes on social media but something as simple as bringing you a little joy and allowing you to be creative again.
As kids we used to sing, dance, make daisy chains, paint, bake mud cakes, and sandcastles not because it was going to bring us wealth and fame but because we enjoyed it, we created things just for ourselves.
Could allowing ourselves to be creative, be a strategy to improve our mental health is this chaotic world?
There’s a lot of emphasis on exercise, and nutrition for mental health…but maybe unleashing our creative side might also be a way for us to combat the stress of our busy lives.
So, think of all the things you used to do as a child, and relook at what brought you joy, don’t let the pressures of society dull your sense of creativity; paint, sing, draw, just create!


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