Selfish can be good..

Talked to a lot of people who have been unwell lately and it got me thinking…..there’s so much pressure to be amazing for everyone else, whether it’s in the workplace, family or on social media. There’s constant pressure to try to keep everyone one else happy.
Where I’m starting to think maybe we should be amazing to ourselves. There is a stigma about being selfish but I think being a little selfish can be a good thing. Maybe allow yourself the chance to breathe, recover and look at all the good things in life, without feeling guilty. Put yourself first once in a while and tell the world to get lost, find things that bring you joy and happiness and indulge, this is not a bad thing, the world can wait. Life is short, forgive yourself the time to find things that make your heart sing. If you are at peace with yourself everyone around you will benefit.


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