Ocean Protagonist

…stories, photos, videos and anecdotes from someone that hears the ocean when she calls and listens when she sings…..a love for the ocean through the eyes of a photographer, videographer, adventurer, diver, fisherman, sailor, refugee, firefighter, and father..

Diving & Spearfishing

I still rate New Zealand as one of the best diving and spearfishing countries in the world, with our incredible coastlines and marine life, taking photos, videos or gathering dinner is joy. I’m lucky enough to be an Ambassador for Splash Dive New Zealand, Atlantis Dive gear and Rob Allen NZ, so please if you have any questions about scuba diving, or spearfishing just drop me a line, or drop me a message on social media.


New Zealand is a dream fishing destination for anglers from around the world! I’ve met some truly dedicated anglers from all nations either swinging a fly on the Tongarriro River for trout, chasing big Haku (Yellowtail Kingfish) or dragging a net for yellow belly flounder, New Zealand really has it all.

The world is full of amazing places, these are just a few that I’ve manage to visit.

Amazing Places

This page is for the cool people I have had the chance to met along the way, some of them are doing amazing stuff, and some of them are just amazing! Really looking forward to sharing this section with you.

Weird but wonderful

..One of the best things about being able to catch fresh seafood is to eat it! here are some of the ways in which we serve up our fresh seafood..

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Can we please have your smoke trout marinade and your pan fried fish recipe? Also guidelines on cooking fresh crayfish would be fantastic too please.


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